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Saturday, 26th Jan 2008

Family History

Hello Paul, I cannot think how I missed your mail. It would be kind of you if let me know … more

Wednesday, 11th Jan 2006

Family History of Southerden

Pippa Williams: Hello Pippa, I noticed that you are related to the Southerden family.Do you have any knowledge of Fred … more

Thursday, 4th Aug 2005

Information on George Burnham

Does anyone have any information on George Burnham – when he was Mayor of Rye?

Wednesday, 4th Feb 2004

Family History of Tiltman

Simon Tiltman: Hello Simon, I have no family connection but on searching the 1891 Census for Rye, I came across … more

Saturday, 1st Mar 2003

Naming Mistakes

My plea for help [9 Feb] is now resolved a mistake by me in mixing Goring-on-Sea with Horing-of-Rye, which in … more

Sunday, 9th Feb 2003

1861/91 Census

The 1891 census showed “Leaside” or “Seaside” as an address in the Broomhill area does anyone recognise this? Also in … more

Friday, 8th Nov 2002

Family History of Wood

Do these names mean anything to anyone? They were all husbands of the Wood sisters of Playden: Fred Gage, Timothy … more

Thursday, 24th Oct 2002

Family History of Wood

Does anyone have any knowledge of the Wood family in Playden circa 1890-1900. A daughter was married to G Burnham … more

Wednesday, 2nd Oct 2002

Thank You

Thank you for your reply Paul can you put me in touch with the person that compiled your tree? Many … more

Wednesday, 25th Sep 2002

Family History of Southerdens

Can any of the many Southerdens tell which member of their family married Katherine{Kitty}Wood of Playden? I am told that … more

Wednesday, 25th Sep 2002

History of Broomhill

In the Census of 1861 my ancestors are shown under Broomhill and their place of birth is given as “Horing … more

Tuesday, 16th Jul 2002

Military Rd.

Can somebody please tell me who was the administrative body for the tollgate on Military Road between 1900-1920?, and if … more

Tuesday, 4th Jun 2002

Burnham/Wood Information

My Grandmother was killed at the Tollgate Military Rd in 1908, following this up led to my finding some wonderful … more

Thursday, 4th Apr 2002

Burnham/Wood Information

Can anyone give me information on George Burnham who I understand was a Mayor of Rye also his wife who … more

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