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Hobden Family

I’m researching my Hobden family from Ashburnham and Penhurst area, particularly the family of Richard Hobden and wife Elizabeth and their son Richard and his wife Lydia. If you have Hobden ancestry leave a message. I have lots of Hobden info so may be able to help.

Kind regards

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    Hi. I have recenty married into the Hobden family and was randomly emailed by someone in Australia and we got talking and now i am trying to trace the family roots. Richard Hobden born 1760 died 1818, married elizabeth vincent born 1758 died 1830. Richard had 1 brother, john and 2 sisters mary and lydia. I have quite a bit more, and if you are related to these in some way then you will be related to my husband. Richard would be his great-great-great-great grandad. feel free to get in touch. xx

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    Hello Kerry Ann

    Richard Hobden (1760-1818) is my 4xgreat grandfather. He married an Elizabeth and they lived at Penhurst, Sussex, neighbouring parish to Ashburnham. However, she was not Elizabeth Vincent.That was another Richard Hobden who married Elizabeth Vincent.
    The marriage for our Richard and Elizabeth has not been found, quite possibly because there is no marriage register for the parish of Penhurst covering the period 1754 – 1797.
    Richard Hobden (1760-1818) had 6 siblings and he had about 9 children with his wife
    Elizabeth,including Richard bap 1783 at Penhurst, my 3xgreat grandfather.

    You have my personal e-mail address to continue the exchange of info.
    Best wishes

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    Hi Caroline
    I have undertaken a lot of research into the Hobdens. But I can’t seem to match them altogether.
    I am particularly interested in three Hobden ladies who are Aunties to my GG grandmother Mercy Relph.
    I can’t find the birth of Mercy Relph b:c.1850-54 except for the Hobden clues. 1. an Aunt Sarah Hobden (1818)M:Dartnell her father was John Hobden (c.1788-Penhurst)(gamekeeper) signed Mercy’s death cert in 1884 and 2. Ellen Hobden (1835)Father John Hobden, Labourer, m:Cripps -cousin Agnes Cripps in 1881 census with Mercia Ralph. 3.Jane (c.1831) m: Roberts Aunt who Mercy Relf was living with in 1871. With the exception of Jane I found the other two Sarah and Ellen who fit as children of John Hobden (b:1788 Penhurst) and Sarah Simpson. John’s father I think then was John who married Elizabeth.
    If all three who have been involved in Mercy Relph’s life, are all Hobden Aunts then somewhere along the line a Hobden has married a Relf(Relph,Ralph) to produce Mercy and probably a sister Elizabeth(c.1840).
    I have found a Lydia Hobden (1811), daughter of Richard Hobden and Lydia Carter, who married a George Relf in 1830. I followed them through the census I found an Elizabeth c.1840 of their children but no luck with my Mercy b c.1850-54?
    I hope you can help me piece this together better than I?
    Regards Shona

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    Hi Shona

    I think that Mercy Relf’s parents were John Relf and Mercy Elizabeth Hobden who married at Brightling on 12 February 1836. All the evidence points to John Hobden and his wife Sarah Simpson as being Mercy’s parents. As is common with the Hobdens at that time, there is no baptism for Mercy Elizabeth Hobden in the parish registers.
    At 1841 John and Mercy were living in Brightling and were enumerated as John and Elizabeth Relf, with 3 children John age 8, Elizabeth age 4 and Mary age 1.

    If you’d like to get in touch to exchange more Hobden family info please contact me at email address cdlancaster at yahoo dot com.

    I have traced 8 children of John Hobden and Sarah so far so would love to share/discuss this with another Hobden researcher/relative.

    Best wishes

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    In 1963 I had a best friend Rodney Hobden. We lost contact because I went to university and then left for Africa for 10 years. I have returned to Hastings with my family and saw your emails regarding the Hobden family. Rodney is probably about 70.
    Appreciate any information.

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    Hi Caroline,

    I know this was along time ago but I’m trying to do my family tree and I’m stuck at Richard Hobden and was wondering if you could help me in anyway?

    Melissa Cook

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