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Queens Fairlight

Does any one remember a Girl’s School called Queens Fairlight. It was open until at least 1943 but I understand it closed sometime thereafter. My mother, Sheila Burgess , attended that school – “graduating” around 1942 and we (her family) would love to visit the site and let her know we visited. Many thanks for any information. Gillian Wu (nee Burgess).

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    Hello Gillian,

    My mother Joan attended this school approx 1936-40. Her mother and her aunt also when it was originally located in Shoreham.

    We were only talking about it today as an old schoolfriend of hers (she still keeps in snail-mail touch with several) said it is now a hotel, so I was searching for it when I came across your message.

    We visited it about 30 years ago when it was a private home. Wonderful castle-like building in magnificent surroundings.

    Best regards,

    Anthony Havens

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    As you posted your message in 2008 I wonder if this reply is any use to you. I have some limited information about Queens School, Fairlight and would like to contact former pupils in order to obtain more.



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    Hello Elaine,

    My mum when to Queens at Fairlight during the war, before they were evacuated. She remembers quite a lot and has told me much too.

    Many thanks,


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    Hello Meggie,

    Many thanks for replying. It would be really good to hear about your mum’s memories of Queen’s School. Would you be willing to share them with me? Do you live in Fairlight?

    Kind regards,


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    Anthony – thank you for the email – I know your mother, she was my mother’s best friend (or vice versa) – Sheila Winifred Burgess.

    Right now I am in poor internet, but will get back to you when I get to land – Thanks again for emailing, Gillian E Wu (daughter of Sheila)

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    Maggie – Joan Havens, my mother (1924-2009) attended Queens School from 1936-1940 approx, maybe your mother knew her?

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    Hi Elaine,

    No I live in Horsham and my mum lives in Lancashire now, but she is on email and has agreed to let me pass on her email to you. If you email me on [reveal email] I will give you further information.


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    Hi Elaine,

    Forgot to say my mother is Gill Goodridge nee Upton. She is 87 now and was at Queens Fairlight for 18 months during the war before France fell and then they were evacuated!

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    Hi Anthony, I’m afraid my mum (Gill Goodridge nee Upton) can’t recall your mother’s name, but I think she (my mum)was there perhaps later than your mother as she ‘left’ when they were evacuated after France fell – not sure when that was, will have to look it up, but remembers lots about the school.

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    Many thanks, Meggie.

    I have just sent you an email at that address.

    Best wishes,


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    Hello Gillian,

    You must be the daughter of Sheila who went to USA after the war and lives in Evanston, near Chicago? Would be nice to make contact with you, as since my mother died suddenly we have no idea what is happening. Are you on a cruise-ship now?

    Best regards,

    Anthony (Cape Town)

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