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St Andrews School

Hi again,

Here are a few names from my school days; John Gotts, Philip Mephem, Wendy & Jennifer Herron, Robina & Cherry Ward, Glen ? , Paul ?, Michal ? (who’s surnames I have forgoten). hHope someone can help.

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    Is there anybody who went to St Andrews school from 1950 until it closed still living around Fairlight, Waites Lane or Pett Pevel, I would love to hear from you. Many thanks, Den.

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    Please if anyone went to St Andrews would you let me know with a note on this site? Many thanks.

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    Still no contact. Does anyone know anyone who has lived in the area since the early fifties?

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    Hello Dennis,

    I have only just seen your messages. My husband and I (relative newcomers to Fairlight) have been researching the history of Fairlight and now have quite a lot of information about St Andrew’s Primary School. Much of it is from published memoirs by Alan Shearer and Janet Turpin nee Dyer. We know the Mepham family (you mentioned Philip). If you wish, I could ask if they are happy for you to contact them.


    Elaine Luke

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    Yes please, that would be great. Richard Dyer was also at school with Philip and I.

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    Do you have an email address I can give them?

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    Hello, Dennis,

    I’ll pass your email address to the Mepham family. I hope they can assist.



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    Many thanks, Elaine for your help.

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    Anyone who went to St Andrews School between 1950 to 1956?

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