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Can anyone help solve a family mystery please? My great aunt Kathleen Lemmon supposedly had 2 daughters in or around 1912 and 1920 while she was a servant at Ashburnham House and the father was (allegedly) one of the ASHBURNHAM FAMILY. Our family believe some memorial/furniture is in Ninfield church in memory of him. Can anyone give me any insight into the Ashburnahm family tee for the early 20th century or throw any light on this tale? Her grandaughter who is now nearly 70 still retains a brooch which belonged to her grandfather but lives in Guernsey so can’t get to Ninfield/Hooe to do any family history research. Would be fascinated to get any info on the matter as these family stories always light up an otherwise fairly mundane family tree! Daphne

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    My earlier entry was incorrect. It was the Ashby Family of Little Park not the Ashburnhams with which my great aunt Kathleen Lemmon of Hooe was involved. Once again can I ask for any information that anyone might have about the Ashbys or the Lemmon connection with them?

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    We have lived at Little Park since the mid 70’s and several years ago met Sir James Ashby’s grandson, now in his eighties. He has given us photos and info – there is nothing about a Lemmon. Sir James (comptroller of the Navy) had a son also called James born 1873 who could well have been the culprit !

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    Gosh Georgina, I am still alive! I’ve only just seen your message four years later! Apologies for not thanking you before. No doubt the Ashby’s kept Kathleen Lemmon a well guarded secret! Daphne

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