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James Osborne

James Osborne, wild life artist and printmaker, was born in Ninfield in 1907. We possess a large collection of his works and are wanting to discover more about his life. Can anyone help?

Peter and Victoria Wigan.

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    Googled this info for you:

    James Thomas Armour Osborne Born 13 Jan 1907 – died 1979 Thurrock, Essex area.

    Born in Sussex, the son of a Scots farmer who had moved South. He spent much of his early life in the countryside of his parents’ farm, (Ingrams Farm, Ninfield) watching and sketching wildlife of every kind. Osborne studied at Hastings School of Art, from which he won a scholarship to the Sculpture School of the Royal College of Art. In the last term of his final year he switched to the Print School, then under the direction of Malcolm Osborne, and showed such talent that he won the Prix de Rome in engraving.

    From 1932 he worked as a teacher in the Art department at Regent Street Polytechnic. He produced many early pencil sketches of farmyard scenes and horses at work and play. These were later used in his engravings and other print work. Until 1986 they had never been seen in public and yet are amongst his most creative works. Osborne was elected an ARE in 1946 and a Fellow in 1957. A founder member of the Society of Wildlife Artists.

    You should get your collection catalogued and valued (if not already done!).


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    Dear Kevin,
    Thank you for this. As you suggest we have catalogued the collection and had them valued.
    Yours sincerely,
    Peter and Victoria

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    Good to know you got the message.

    Could I be cheeky and ask (if any of his work relates to Ninfield) could I have a photo for our Local History Group records?

    If you go to the Ninfield Local History Group web page, you’ll be able to email anything relevant to us.



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    He lived at Ingrams Farm in Ninfield. It’s possible that some of his early works were of the farm. we propose to visit shortly and see if we can match any of them up. We will let you know when we are coming.

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    Peter, noted.
    You can best contact through Ninfield Local History Group when you have time to visit.
    Regards, Kevin

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    I hope you get this message but want you to know there is a proposed development on part of Ingrams Farm. Have you any paintings that are of the Ingrams Farm area as these would be of interest in the village.
    You can contact me through Ninfieldactiongroup facebook page.

    Christmas greetings!


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    We have some original paintings by James Osborne of Ingrams Farm.

    Please give me a telephone number and we’ll get in touch.


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    Dear Peter,

    I am trying to get hold of Victoria Wigan, whose mother Mrs S Riddle lived at Bell Road, East Molesey. After much searching on the internet I believe she may be your wife?

    I am writing from Museums Sheffield about a loan we have of a painting. If you would be so kind as to contact me, my email is hannah.brignell[at]

    With best wishes,


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    Hi Gents,

    I’m looking for an email address for Kevin Regan. I have been researching the SS Abukir for the past thirteen years, my Fathers brother was aboard the Abukir on the night she was torpedoed and he perished along with his mates, he didn’t drown, he was shot in the water by the german schenellboat.
    My email address is [reveal email] and I look forward to making contact with Kevin.

    Many thanks,

    Tom Davey

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