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SS Abukir 1940

With reference to enquiries regarding both Albert Percy Whiteman and Victor Davey, I believe I may have some helpful information for you both.

From further internet research, I can definit6ely confirm that Albert Percy Whiteman was a member of No 3 British Air Mission to Belgium. He is identified as being aboard the SS Aboukir when it was sunk by S34 and many of the survivors of the torpedoing were subsequently machine gunned where seen in the water using its searchlights. Only some 33 or so were rescued, mainly by the destroyer HMS Codrington some 6 hours later at daybreak.
Naturally there is a deal of confusion as very little of any passenger manifest survives, but the presence of other Army and particularly RASC casualties could support the contention that Victor Davey was also aboard.
The Army used the date of 27th May for Abukir casualties, even though the vessel was lost in the early hours of the 28th May. Bodies were washed ashore in the UK as well as France, Belgian and the Friesian Islands. However, I haven’t yet found anything definitive to him actually being aboard Abukir rather than one of the 220 plus vessels sunk during the Dunkirk evacuation. He could therefore have been on another vessel unless we can discover why he was linked to Abukir.
I believe you both have my email address, so please respond via that if you have anything further.
Regards, Kevin

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    Hi, I just wanted to add that Victor is buried alongside my 2nd Great Uncle in Sage War cemetery (who was 100% aboard the Abukir as I have his MoD records). He was a Driver with the RASC. Victor was also in the same 23rd Division supply column as my relative. I’m currently undertaking a project on this subject for my MA at university and would love to speak further with you all. Thanks, Laura England [reveal email]

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    Hi, Laura. I live in Ninfield and have no other connection to the Aboukir disaster. I have contacted Tom Davey to advise him of your enquiry and hopefully he will respond in due course.

    What I have for Aboukir is already posted.
    Don’t forget you can add to your 2nd Gt Uncle from the Census Records, BMD and also the 1939 Register – if you haven’t already done so!

    Good luck with your MA. Regards, Kevin

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    Hi Laura
    Whilst researching my great uncle ( John h rice driver 23rd division supply column RASC
    Is reported missing believed drowned between the 27/28 May 1940
    I have a list of men all from the same division all reported missing believed drowned between the 27/28 may 1940
    All listed on the dunkirk memorial pannels
    I was so happy to find out where John was and visited dunkirk memorial to pay my respects but I do so want to try to find out what happened to John and I believe that talking to you could help
    As I said I came apron your post and I really think John along with the other men could have all drowned on the ss abukir
    I would love to talk with you further my email address is
    [reveal email]
    I also have if you don’t have it the vs branch summary of the 23rd division operations 10th to 31st of may 1940 and a bit more info
    I am interested to know more about how you are 100% sure that your uncle was aboard as abukir
    I do so hope I hear from you
    Best wishes Susan

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