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William Billenness – Preacher

I believe that my husband’s ancestor, William Billenness, used to walk from Windmill Hill Green/Beacon Green to Ninfield every Sunday to preach in the chapel there.
He had three brothers (that I’m aware of), Ben, John and George. I believe they worked for The Curteis family.
Any information regarding any of the Billenness’s would be gratefully recieved!
Many thanks
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    Hi Mary,
    You are fairly well informed, I have researched my family name from 1707 to the the early 1900’s in some detail and to date with somewhat less.
    William Billenness was a a Non-Conformist Preacher who ran the Nazerine Chapel in Ninfield in the late 1800’s. The Chapel no longer exists but he was well known for his skills in Land Management and as a preacher.
    He married Maria Tampkin in 1837 but she died in child birth in 1839 with their child
    named Mercy.
    He re-married to a widow called Hannah Lade and gave birth to two sons Ebenezer and William H.
    I have their decendants to about 1950 and ancesters back to 1707. if you nwant further information let me know.

    Regards Michael

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    Hi, a long time ago but you never know, someone might come and read this!

    William Billinness (that’s how it is in the records) non conformist minister died aged 85 and was buried in St Marys Churchyard on 8 January 1895. Presumably you already know that.

    We also have records for Mercy, (Hollis Street cottages, aged 69 on 7 March 1912) Stephen (aged 75, similar address on 9 October 1928)and Hannah (address in Hastings, aged 90 on 13 December 1902) Billinness.

    The records I have here only go to 1931.

    If you need more, Google the Ninfield Local History Group.

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