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Winchelsea Beach

Winchelsea Beach 2.3 miles from Pett Level
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Winchelsea Beach is a pebble beach located between Camber and Pett Level. With views over Rye Bay, Dungeness can be clearly seen to the east and Fairlight cliffs to the west.

Winchelsea Beach

Broomhill Sands

Camber 6.2 miles from Pett Level

Broomhill Sands is predominantly known as a popular destination for kite surfers. This beach has gained a reputation as a haven for kite surfing enthusiasts due to its favourable wind conditions and spacious coastal area. The open expanse of Broomhill Sands provides ample room for kite surfers to catch the wind and ride the waves, … more

Broomhill Sands

Rye Harbour Beach

Rye Harbour 4.1 miles from Pett Level

The beach at Rye Harbour is a picturesque and unspoiled coastal stretch situated at the mouth of the river Rother at Rye Harbour along to Winchelsea Beach to the west. Generally a pebble beach (although there are sandy areas to be found), the beach is known for its peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal spot … more

Rye Harbour Beach

Fairlight Glen Beach

Fairlight 3 miles from Pett Level

Fairlight Glen Beach is a secluded and picturesque beach and is known as an unofficial nudist beach, making it a destination for those interested in naturism. The beach offers a liberating and freeing experience, allowing visitors to enjoy the raw beauty of nature while baring all. Accessing Fairlight Glen Beach is challenging and potentially dangerous, … more

St Leonards Beach

St Leonards-on-Sea 6.5 miles from Pett Level

The beach at St Leonards-on-Sea has an extensive pebbled shoreline stretching out from Hastings Pier westwards to Bulverhythe.

Pett Level Beach

In Pett Level
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Pett Level beach is characterised by its pebble shoreline, which is typical of most beaches along the coast. One of the notable features of Pett Level is its exposure of prehistoric submerged forest remains during low tides. Ancient tree stumps and other remnants can be seen in the intertidal zone, providing a glimpse into the … more

Pett Level Beach

Camber Sands

Camber 5.6 miles from Pett Level

Camber Sands is situated to the east of the county. It is a popular sandy beach, with picturesque dunes and interesting wildlife. The village of Camber is very close to the beach. The dunes are formed from the sand that is blown inland which builds up around plants, debris and fences. The marram grass that … more

Camber Sands

Pelham Beach

Hastings 5.2 miles from Pett Level

Pelham Beach has been thoughtfully designed with families in mind, featuring a delightful arrangement of eight vibrant characters that serve as reference points for children to orient themselves on the beach. The beach area is cleverly divided into eight distinct zones, each marked by a character with a unique name. This design ensures that if … more

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Grace Dieu
Grace Dieu

A very comfortable four bedroomed beach house with direct sea views and a sheltered sunny garden.

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