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Malcolm Muggeridge

Can anyone tell me where Malcolm Muggeridge, ‘the Sage of Robertsbridge’, lived in Robertsbridge?

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    Hello Peter

    I believe it was Park Cottage.

    Best wishes,

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    Hi Peter,
    My elderly father used to deliver the daily paper to him, all he can remember is that he lived in the Redlands area.

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    Dear Lynda,

    Many thanks. But where is the Redlands area?


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    Dear Caroline,

    Many thanks. But where is Park Cottage?



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    Hello Peter,

    I believe it was in Redlands Lane, Robertsbridge. It’s possible that it’s no longer there or not called Park Cottage.
    Best wishes,


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    Hi Peter,

    The way to the Redlands area is turn off the high street on to Fayre Lane, continue about a mile and is somewhere on the right. (there used to be a big Oast house just where you turn right).

    Many thanks,


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    Caroline et al,

    Mmany thanks for your messages. I’ll download a map and go looking for Park Cottage in Redbarn Lane one of these days.

    Best Wishes,

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