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TB Sanatorium

Would anyone know about where the TB Sanatorium was? My mother was there during the late stages of the war and again in 1948, I think.
Kathy Gorman

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    Yes, the TB sanatoorium was where the Bruderhof colony is now. It was run by a husband and wife doctor couple. I lived up the road at Peans Farm then and we were friends wiith the dooctors’ family. I’ve forgotten their name for the time being. She diied about twenty years ago.

    Peter McMullin

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    Many thanks, I’m looking forward to having a look around Robertsbridge when we come down the week after next.
    What is the Bruderhof Colony?

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    Was run by a Dr Dingley who was also the local Scout master.

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    Hello, notice that you say you lived at ‘Peans Farm’ I had a relative who on his probate was at Peans Farm when he passed away, an Albert George estall Lunnon, I wonder are you any relation to him or know of him he passed in 1949.

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    That’s right. My mother is one of Dr and Dr Dingleys daughters and lived at Darvell house.

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    Thank you, so your mother is the daughter of Dr’s Dingley, so do you know of my Lunnon ancestor, or was he a visitor / relative / patient, would you or mother know at all? Regards Pat

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