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Hello! we are looking for info about Alwine Burton, who lived at Villa Rose, Brightling Road – for many years. She may well be related to our branch of the Burtons!

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    A bit late / delayed but Alwine or Alveen was a good friend of my mother who lived down Brightling Road at Sunnyholme. She died in 2011 but my stepfather, who also knew Alwine (as did his parents), survives her. Coincidentally I was talking to him this afternoon about ALwine, and her relationship to Major George Simon Merceron Burton of Church End, Finchley, London, and his sister Lulu, and cousin Jean Craig, who were also friends of my mother (first, I believe). My stepfather also mentioned a Colonel and Mrs Burton of St Leonards, with whom he and my mother stayed twice at Christmas. Alwine was I believe Latvian. Mrs Burton was apparently a Hungarian Jew. According to my stepfather the Colonel and Mrs Burton had guest lists of dinners for the Anglo-Turkish Society. He also recalled that Alwine’s son had apparently married Brezhnev’s daughter.

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    Hi there Dominic!

    Thank you very much for taking the trouble to reply! What you told me vas indeed very interesting!

    Alwine was my husband’s aunt – his father was Roger Philip Burton, and Alwine was married to his older brother Edmund Merceron Burton.

    Edmund had a colourful life, having lived in Vancouver, Rhodesia, and Manchuria before returning to the UK in 1942, after being interned by the Japanese. He was then trained by the DOE for nearly a year, but somehow didn’t make the grade, and then worked for the International Releif Organisation. He died near Weymouth of gunshot wounds only a few weeks after he and Alwine were married. He is buried in the churchyard at Robertsbridge, probably Alwine is finally with him.

    By the way, I am not surprised that George (Major in the Black Watch) and Felicia were friendly with Alwine, they were apparently very jolly people. BTW, I would very much like to know who the Colonel & Mrs Burton were! There were very many Burtons in the army!!Maybe Henry Merceron and Margaret Burton?
    How interesting that Alwine’s son may have married Brezhnev’s daughter!!!
    my email – [reveal email] – it would be easier to use!

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