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Sarah Richards

I am trying to find Sarah and Julian Richards who used to live in Sedlescombe. Sarah was my friend and we went to Primary school together. If any one knows where i can contact her just to say hello that would be great. My nick name was Willie Pyke

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    Hi Aurelia… What an amazing coincidence. I’m spending a few days in Sedlescombe later this month with my family and thought I would check what has changed in 40 years by checking out the village page… And I saw your message!
    I remember you well and of course Sarah will. Your sister is Corinna; your brother is Louis, your parents Tony and Gina? And your dog was Otto, I think!
    Hope all is well with you! Let me know your email address and I’ll put you in touch with Sarah, who lives in Bracknell. Mine is [reveal email]
    Best wishes, Julian

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    Aurelia: apologies, I mangled my email address and gave you half private, half work! The best one to use is [reveal email]

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    Hello! Oh my goodness, I’m so pleased to hear from you! And I remember Otto too, he was gorgeous. I was looking on google maps on Friday at Sedlescombe and was ‘wandering’ along the lane in the front of your old house … and thinking about you and Corinna and Louis, so how spooky is that. Love to hear from you. [reveal email]

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    Aurelia (Willie). I cannot help in the search for your friend, but I stayed with your parents Tony and Gina back in the late 60s when you were just a little girl. Remember your big brother Louis and blond sister, name I cannot bring to mind. Think of your family often and hope you three children are happy and well. Loved my time in Sedlescombe.

    Irene Bell-Hancock.

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    Thanks for your reply. I have found my friend finally thank you. My brother and sister are well they both live in London and i live in Hastings. I have been working around the world and now returned to England to study. My mum lives in Spain where she has been living since i was about 14 and my father passed away about 16 years ago.I visited Sedlescombe and it brought back lots of fond memories as for you. Thanks for your reply and time, hope your well and happy too.



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    Aurelia, it was lovely to make contact with you. Tony was a super guy and Gina was an amazing woman to me – an innocent 23 year old from New Zealand. My partner Keith Packham was from Hastings and that is how he knew Tony and Gina. Keith died in 1988, but I am so glad to hear that Gina is still with us and probably just as amazing in Spain if not more so! I have a wonderful photo of you all on the lawn out the back of the old cottage in Sedlescombe. I will try to copy and paste to you. My actual email address is: [reveal email]

    I have only visited England once since the swinging sixties – in 1997 when on honeymoon with my now husband Richard Hancock. We only got as far as London then as we were on route to Africa. Give my love to Gina. She may remember Irene and Keith Packham. We thought the world of her and appreciated the generosity of both her and your dad. Love, Irene (aged 70 from Wellington, New Zealand).

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