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Selmes Family History

If there are any family historians / genealogists who are interested in the Selmes family (occasional spelling Selms) from St Leonards or any other parishes in East Sussex (or anywhere else in the UK or around the world), then please leave a message as I may be able to help with info or connections.

I have direct Selmes ancestry myself and have a one-name study for Selmes, so am always keen to make contact with others researching the families.

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    I live in Maryland US. I researched the Lancasters of Sussex and found my 15th generation Grand Parents. One My 8th generation Grandmother was Ann Selmes born 1710. I knew I had white ancestors and finally located some. My Great grandmother was Annie Lancaster Granddaughter of Thomas Lancaster 1893 and Susan Chapman. His great grandfather was Thomas 6 Lancaster. Anns husband.

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    Thanks for leaving a message about your Lancaster / Selmes family.
    I’d be interested to know which of Thomas and Ann’s children you descend from? Also, who in the family first emigrated to the US?
    Hoping to hear from you again.

    Best wishes,


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    I did the search back to the 1500s. Ok, the first was John Lancaster 1768 born in Essex, Eng. He was married to Susan Parrott. He died in Bedford,Va. in1815. His son was Thomas Lancaster 1763 VA. died in 1/11/1854, married to Susan Chapman. They had a son, John Lancaster 1827 died in Va. I think Mayo Va.5/1/1910. He was married to Anna (Taylor) Lancaster a Mulatto from V. They had 5 achildren one of whom was my great grandmother, Emma born 1874 in VA. Her siblings were, Robert-1864, John-1873, George-1875 and Elizabeth-1879. They were all born at Horse Pasture, Henry Va. including the parents, John and Anna. Emma had a daughter, Viola I think from an unk. man. Emma eventually married a William Nicholson from Va. Viola became the Step-daughter of William. Viola was was my father’s mom. My name is Martha Franklin. I did the Lancaster’s because I could get not far on the Franklin side. Emma also had two other children William and Augusta. She and William Nicholson had a child as well together.

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    My married name is Franklin-Motton.

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    There are no descendants of Thomas Lancaster and Ann Selmes who were born in Essex, England circa 1768.

    They did have a grandson named John Lancaster who was born in Peasmarsh, Sussex in 1769 (son of John Lancaster and his wife Mary Filmer) but that John married, raised a family and died (1842) in Sussex, England. He definitely didn’t marry Susan Parrott or go to the US.

    I’m sorry to say that it looks as if you have linked yourself to the wrong Lancaster family.

    Best wishes,


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Selmes Family History

If there are any family historians / genealogists who are interested in the Selmes family (occasional spelling Selms) from St … more

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