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Family History of Noakes

Immediate relatives from OZ family name Lawler but trace ancestors to family Noakes from Udimore 18/19th Century. Any direct links today? Visiting 18th May, staying 18/19 Mermaid Hotel
Help please!

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    Maureen Noakes: Maureen , I wonder if your Noakes family is connected to my Noakes family from Ruckinge .

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    Sarah Russell(Nee Noakes) Hi Sarah – I have now got quite a lot of information on my Noakes family from Peasmarsh but have not yet found a connection to Ruckinge. It could well be that a branch of the family lived there? Maureen

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    Hi Salina,

    I have a James Noakes retired Draper of Hastings in my tree and wondered whether you have an information.

    Alister Palmer

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