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Bessie Maud Hayler

Does anyone know any information on Bessie Maud Hayler, she was original Bessie Reed but remarried.

She lived at 5 Moorsite Westfield and died in November 1937 and is buried in Westfield Churchyard.

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    Just to add further information, When Bessie remarried she already had four children they were Hettie, Cis, Tom and Charles (Reed). She is my great grandmother and I would be really grateful if anyone has any information on her or the family.
    She died in 1937 and is buried in Westfield Church she was 55 when she died,and her last known address was 5 Moorsite.
    Many thanks.

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    Hi Sarah,

    My father was called Charles Reed and he lived in Westfield, he had sisters called Sis and Hettie and a brother called Tom.

    Charles married a lady called Esther Bitten from Hastings and they had 8 kids, I am the youngest of them, Most of the surviving kids live in Hastings.

    I was to I young to remember my aunts and Uncle but I do know that Dad ( Charles) and Tom did not get on in later years and drifted apart.

    I would be interested in any family history you have on my Dad’s side as he was a quiet man and didn’t share much from his past,

    Both Mum and Dad died when they were in their 80’s after over 50 years of marriage and Dad’s ashes were scattered in the Bred river where he used to fish as a boy.

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    Hi Andy
    Sorry for the delay, I nearly missed your email due to the amount of junk ones I get was just going through and spotted it!!
    It’s lovely to hear from you, my nan was Hettie (your aunt) and my mum Phyllis is still alive (76) and remembers charles but also said about the feud that happened in the family which she vaguely remembers.
    My mum remembers Charles and Esther although she would have been quite young at the time, she also said that you may have had a sister who died young who she was extremely fond of and remembers very well – I think that she has a picture of her too.
    Did you know that your grandmother’s grave was in Westfield?, I was really pleased to find it as had spoken to the vicar who thought that the stone had long disappeared.
    Lovely to hear that we have relatives still in Hastings and would be good to hear back from you


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