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My wife’s grandmother was born in 1920, Eva May Eldridge, in Westfield, Sussex. I just wanted to check if anybody knew her family?

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    I have traced my family tree back to Jesse Ray, son of Richard and Sarah Ray who lived in Westfield in 1821. There was, I believe, a Ray’s Cottage and somewhere called The Barracks and also Ransoms. I wondered if they still existed. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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    Hi Amanda,

    I have a Jesse Ray and a Richard Ray in my family tree. They were related to my dad. My dad lived at Barracks Cottages. My great aunt Ruth Carey married a Richard Burgess Ray. I think there must be a coonection somewhere. If you want to contact me please do. Regards Noreen

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    My father Nonas Carey was the son of Sabina Stunt. She was the daughter of Lester Stunt & Ellen Clark. She had brothers & sisters, including Caroline, Matilda, Lester & William. If these names mean anything to anybody I would be pleased to hear from you. I am also interested in the Carey side of the family. My grandfather Henry had brothers Charles, Albert & James, born in the 1800s. Dad’s brothers growing up in Westfield ltter part of the 1800s were Harold, Percy, Reg and Henry.

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    Ray family of Westfield.
    I live in Westfield and my grandmother was Charlotte Ray.
    The information given by others on this web site has originated from myself. I live near the Barracks, etc.
    Ruth Carter

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    Yes, but I don’t think Mary Ann married John Eldridge – she married Edgar Eldride in 1839. I don’t know of a John Eldridge.

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    Hello Tracey
    Have you looked at the excellent Eldridge website run by Robert Eldridge at www2.hunterlink.net.au/~ddrge/genealogy/families.html
    It includes info on the family of John Eldridge and Mary Ann Catt.
    Robert is always pleased to hear from Eldridge family members and researchers, and to receive new info or corrections to his data.
    My own Eldridge family is from Battle but I have a lot of info on families in East Sussex and am happy to help when I can.
    I’m connected to the CAREYs from Westfield too, so hello to you Noreen and Ruth!
    Kind regards

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    Hello Tracey

    I have checked my records taken from Westfield parish registers and find that I do have an entry for a baptism for a John Eldridge on 27 July 1817. He was the natural son of Amy Eldridge, a pauper. There are also baptisms for 2 other children of Amy Eldridge – William on 17 April 1808 and Henry on 9 December 1812.
    I don’t have any further info on Amy, though.

    Kind regards

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    I have an entry for John Eldridge marrying Mary Ann Catt on 1st Oct 1847 with an entry in the Hastings Marriage License of 13th Sep 1847. They married at St. Leonards-on-Sea. I have not been able to trace any parents for this individual so far.

    Hope this is of some help.

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    I am looking for information on my ancestors named ELDRIDGE living in the BATTLE, SEDLESCOMBE and BREDE areas from the 1500’s to the present day.

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    Hello Stephen

    I’m researching my Eldridge family from the Battle area too so perhaps I can help if you give more details.

    Kind regards,


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    Hello Caroline,
    Thanks for message my descendants are as follows,
    William Eldridge bapt Battle 1687. Married Anne Lulham 1706. 2nd Marriage Sarah Payne 1720 Sedlescombe,
    My direct ancestry from William & Sarah is their son Edward bapt 1738 Sedlescombe.
    If we are tracing the same family line i would be grateful for any help you might be able to offer particularly about Edward Eldridge.

    Many Thanks

    Stephen Clarke

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    Hi There,

    I noticed you are searching for your eldridge family. I have over 800 entries in my eldridge tree. and i am a direct decendent of william eldridge. b 11 october 1741I have lotts of info so any questions fire away.

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    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for message.I am a decendant of your william’s older brother Edward b 11 May 1738 at Sedlescombe.
    If my current information is correct Edward married Jenny Smith on 25 April 1765 at Brede. They had 2 children Jenny b 8 November 1767 and Jesse b 18 October 1778 both at Brede. I have not been able to find details of any other children for Edward & Jenny which seems strange.

    Would you be able to give me any information relating to Edward, Jenny & any other siblings.

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Andrew,

    I am trying to establish a family tree and was just wondering if i had any links to yours.

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    Hi Stephen,
    Sory for delay in response to your Question. E-Mail probs. I have looked in to this and come to the same conclusion as others. I beleive your Edwards wife ,Jenny, may have died sometime between 1778 and 1786 and Edward may have re married Phebe Hook at Sedlescimbe 12/5/1787.This is one theory . The other is, Edward and Jenny may have moved away to a new Parrish and Phebe Hook Married a different Edward Eldridge. Good Luck

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    Hi Kathleen,
    I expect we are related as most Eldridges in Sussex Orignate from William 1545 at Battle . How far back have you managed to trace!

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    Hello Janet

    Alfred Allen Eldridge was baptised at Battle parish church on 6 April 1856, son of Emery Eldridge and Emily (maiden name Wood). Emery and Emily married at Battle parish church on 9 September 1843.

    Emery Eldridge was baptised at Battle on 22 December 1822, son of Thomas Eldridge and Elizabeth (maiden name not known).

    My gr gr grandfather is Samuel Eldridge (bap Battle 22 February 1790), brother of your Thomas Eldridge (bap Battle 10 March 1780). They were sons of William Eldridge and Sarah Potter.

    So, we’re distant cousins!

    I have lots of info on Eldridges at Battle so happy to help further.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Janet,
    I have looked at the family and see you are related to Edward b1738 son of William b1687 and sarah Payne

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    Hi Janet

    I’ve got Eldridge births from the GRO Indexes up to 1927 so far, and looking at 1919-1927 there are no further Eldridge birth registrations where the mother’s maiden name is Wright so it looks as if there were no further children.

    Take a look at Robert Eldridge’s excellent website
    You’ll find our Eldridge tree on there, including Emery’s family. Bob is always keen to hear from Eldridge researchers and happy to receive new info and correct any mistakes. His e-mail address is at the bottom of the website page. He’s a distant cousin of ours.

    Happy to help further if I can.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Janet, i see from previous messages you are related to Edward Eldridge Born 1738. I am also a descendant of Edward’s from his son jesse born 1778 in Brede Sussex. I would be interested to hear from you. Are you a descendant from Jesse or Edward’s daughter Jenny?.

    Best Wishes

    Steve Clarke

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    Whilst looking at the internet for Westfield, I came across the name of Reginald (Peter) Gutsell displayed on the board of remembrance which hangs in the church, and there is also an inscription on the monument outside the church.

    The name of Gutsell is of particular interest as my mother’s maiden name was Gutsell and she originated from Westfield. I understand she was one of a large family although the only other member of the family I recall was her sister Ivy, the wife of the Dengate bus driver back in the fifties, who at that time lived in Northiam.

    My parents Henry Frederick Gallop and Daisy Emily Gutsell, were married in Westfield church on 15th April 1933. The marriage certificate shows witnesses Peter and Harriet Gutsell.

    It is possible that Reginald Gutsell was my mother’s brother.

    My sister, Joan Frost, was also associated with Westfield, playing the church organ, and was also the warden of Geary Place until her death. I also attended the primary school for a short time during the war.

    I would be most interested to know if the church has records of such events as marriages, births and deaths etc. Is it possible to view them or have they have been moved to a local library?

    Any information on the Gutsell family would be most welcome.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Harry Gallop

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    Hello Janet. I am from Careys of Westfield. I have seen references to Eldridges. They must be the same ones. Will come back with more precise info when I get the chance to look back. Regards Anne

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    Dear Steve, I am from Westfield Careys. somewhere along the line they were connected to Eldridges. When I get the time I will let youhave more details. It was around 1851 that I found my GG grandfather visiting Eldridges and I am pretty sure they must be connected. Kind regards Anne

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    Hi Nick,

    It’s been some time since I’ve been on this site and I’ve just seen your reply to my message about the Rays. My great aunt Ruth Carey married Richard Burgess Ray. I am wondering if this person could be related to Edward Ray and Sarah Burgess. Do you know anything about them? Richard Burgess Ray and Ruth Carey had several children: Jesse William, Richard Henry, Ruth, Charlotte, Burgess, Sarah, James, Annie and Daisey. Do these names mean anything to you at all? I’d be interested in any information that you are able to share with me.


    Noreen Carey

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    Just seen your message board and thought I would join.

    One of my ancestors William Gutsell was landlord of ‘The Plough’ in Upper Dicker. I believe that other ancestors were landlords at ‘The Potters Arms’ at Lower Dicker and at the ‘Yew Tree Inn’ at Chalvington.

    I have just started researching my family history following my Mothers passing.

    Any information on the Gutsell family would be most welcome.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Andy Gutsell

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    If anyone is interested I hold copies of the Parish Registers for Westfield plus Census Returns. Contact can be made at [reveal email]

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    Hi Ruth, I am loking for any details on my great great grandfather William Baker born Westfield 1807 i have all details from 1840 onwards when he was livimg & working in Hastings,i am trying to trace his father,mother and wife mary any information would be much appreciated regards, Chris

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    Hi Ruth, I had trouble getting through on your email. Would you have a copy of the marriage of Thomas Hawkins And Elizabeth Cruttenden who married in westfield 30 may 1788, I’m trying to find out where Thomas was from as there is no baptism in sussex. Thankyou, From Fiona.

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    Hi everyone looking for help tracing a family member who could still be alive today. John Eldridge born in Hastings 1938, father Albert Ernest Daniel Eldridge, Mother Margaret Lily Elizabeth Eldridge. Family split during the war & no contact since, there was a suggestion John was sent to South Africa as an evacuee but no records can be found & he was quite young to be sent away. Have so far drawn a blank would love to find him to tell him he has a younger sister & niece / nephew. Does anyone have any information on their tree’s or search ideas.

    I thank you in advance.


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    Just wondered how I can contact other members on this website? Does this thread e-mail the other members when something added to a forum they have a thread on?
    Anyone who can help please e-mail me. Thanks [reveal email]

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    Hi, I used to recieve mail for a person by the name of Eldridge when I lived at my old address, I always put it back in the post as not known at this address as I knew the previous occupants of the address who weren’t Eldridge, they didn,t know of them either, the strange thing is that when I moved there BT gave me a number which must have been their old number as I did occasionally get phone calls for them, the address was 6 New Moorsite Westfield TN35 4QP, hope this helps.

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    Hi Amanda,
    Many thanks for your reply I may investigate these strange occurrences.


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    Hello Andy, just picked up your message reference the Gutsell family. Although a Richardson I have many Gutsells in my tree. These were all discovered by a very good friend of mine [I’m not really into the family history except for general interest. If you wish to send me your e-mail address I will forward three pages on Gutsells from 1591 to 1849.
    regards George R

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    Hello George,
    Thanks for your kind offer.
    My e-mail address is :-
    [reveal email]

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    I have transcripts of the Parish Registers and Census Returns for Westfield. Also a
    website www.westfieldhistory.co.uk
    Any enquiries for ancestors can be sent to [reveal email]

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    Hello Harry
    I have a family tree that includes Gutsell’s from about 1591 to 1849 if it is of any interest to you send me your e-mail address and I will send the pages to you. George Richardson.

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    Hello George,
    I would be most interested in receiving any information you may have on the Gutsell family.
    My e-mail address is
    [reveal email]

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    Hello Ruth. Tried to email you, but it didn’t work. Can you email me. Shaun

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    Hi Shaun,
    My email is [reveal email] or go to my website www.westfieldhistory.co.uk Ruth

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    I am researching the Thomas family tree and I am trying to find out information on Richard Thomas & Rebecca Eldridge. They are my husbands gg grandparents. Any
    information would be appreciated.

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    If you contact me on [reveal email] with
    further details of your gg
    grandparents dates etc I will check my records of Westfield.

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    Lynn Rebecca Eldridge apears in my family tree. Her father was William Eldridge of Battle b.6/8/1779.

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    Hi Ruth, I see you have parish records for westfield. I have been looking for information on two of my ancestors and I wondered if you might be able to give me some information.
    their names are EDWARD ELDRIDGE and his wife JENNY nee SMITH married 25th April 1765 Westfield. But I cannot find any other information for them ie:baptism records for any children or death records for Edward and Jenny.
    I would be grateful if you have any information in your records that you could pass on to me.

    Many Thanks

    Steve Clarke

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    Hello Lynn

    Rebecca Eldridge was baptised at Whatlington on 24 March 1816, parents William and Sarah.
    Richard Thomas was baptised at Mountfield on 5 February 1815, parents William and Mary.
    Rebecca Eldridge and Richard Thomas were married at Mountfield on 25 July 1835 and lived at Sedlescombe, where they are both buried. They didn’t live at Westfield as far as I can see.
    William Eldridge was baptised at Battle on 6 August 1779, son of James and Mercy, and he married Searah Mewett at Battle on 18 August 1800.

    I hope this is useful.
    Best wishes

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    Hi Stephen
    The best people to answer your questions re: Eldridge are Andrew Eldridge and Caroline Lancaster who have replied to a previous question on this site. If they cannot help I will certainly look up my records
    Ruth Carter

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    I have received a few e-mails over the last week re-Westfield history. As the only contact I have had with the site was to do with my Gutsell ancestors I wondered whether this was to do with this? My Gutsell list started in Frant in 1591 with Thomas and ended with Charlotte Gutsell [Westfield] in 1830 when she married William Dawson. The Westfield link started with William Gutsell b. 18th April 1752 and continued untl Charlotte above. For this period I have mostly Birth, marriage and death dates where they concern my own line. Apart from Frant and Westfield I have links in Ewhurst Green, Sedlescombe and Brede. Should you have any further info on this I would be interested. I don’t know where they are buried for example and can only presume this is where they resided.
    George Richardson

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    Hello Stephen,

    Edward Eldridge, husbandman of Westfield, married Jenny Smith at Brede on 25 April 1765. They had two children baptised at Brede – Jenny on 8 November 1767 and Jesse on 18 October 1778.They are the only children I have found.

    There is a burial at Brede for an Edward Eldridge on 26 April 1816, age 79.
    It is thought that Edward could be the Edward Eldridge baptised at Sedlescombe on 11 May 1738, son of William Eldridge and Sarah Payne. The Edward buried at Brede in 1816 would be the right age.

    I hope this is useful.
    Best wishes

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    Hello Caroline, Many thanks for the information on my ancestor Edward Eldridge it has filled in quite a few gaps in my family tree.
    Several years ago I spent a day at the sussex records office in Lewes. But found that quite a few years of records were missing for Westfield church in the 1700’s so I assumed this was the reason I could not find anymore information on them.
    Thank you once again for taking the time in finding this information for me.

    Best Wishes

    Steve Clarke

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    I am looking for dates for the baptisms of the following children of John and Sarah Webb.I think John was an ag.lab.
    1803 Phillis, 1805 Eliza
    1807 William, 1810 Harriet and 1813 Hannah.I think the years are correct but they may be a year either way.
    Thank you.

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    Hello Frances,

    Entries in parish registers:

    Philly 22 May 1803
    Eliza 9 June 1805
    William 21 June 1807

    Harriett and Hannah do not appear in the baptisms register.

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    Hello Frances,

    Following on from Ruth’s reply, there is a baptism at Westfield for Harriet Webb daughter of John and Sarah on 4 February 1810.

    Did the family move to Catsfield? There is a baptism there for a Stephen Webb, son of John and Sarah, on 5 June 1814.
    No sign of a baptism for Hannah anywhere, though.

    Best wishes,


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