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A Changing Shore


I have a glimmer of hope for you regards the book. It is currently out of stock, but, sold by The Martello Bookshop, 26 High Street Rye. It is a combination of words and pictures (all mono).

I leave you to pursue this with them directly, they are contactable on [reveal tel] , apologies as I do not know the International Dialling Codes.

Good luck with your search and I hope that I have been able to assist in some small way.

Here’s to a good 2007 for us all.

Dave Rodwell

3 responses to “A Changing Shore”

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    Hello Dave,

    Many thanks for the information will phone them this week and see if I can order a copy!

    I will look forward to seeing the Message Board growing!

    Virginia Wilmin-Browne

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    Hello Virginia,

    I’ve just clicked onto the site and wondered if you have had success with the book. I’m a close friend of Ruth Saville. We go to the same church on Winchelsea Beach. Sadly Mike died just before Christmas. I’ve got a copy of their book and I’m sure I can get another one from Ruth. The cost was £12.
    Kind regards
    Celia King

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    Hi Celia, I’m sorry I haven’t been near the computer to check out the messages! If you want to e-mail me at [reveal email] , I will send you the money for the book – I would be most grateful! So sorry to hear that Mike died – please pass on our condolences, and our best wishes to Ruth.
    Many thanks, Virginia

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