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Hi John,

I remember two Packham Families that lived in Winchelsea. I’m sure that it was Archie who lived in the high street opposite the church, and he worked at Wickham Farm. Also I am sure that there was a Mrs Packham there at one time.
The other Packham Family lived in Mill Road at the Salutation Cottages. Unfortunately I cannot remember the parent’s names, Once again I think the Father worked at Wickham Farm also. I do remember they had a Daughter whose name I believe to have been Christine. Their Son’s name was Denis and used to go around with our little group of youngsters. I hope this is of use to you. All the best, Eric.

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    Hi Eric,
    Not sure if can remember me from Winchelsea. You used to knock around with my older brother David Ball. If you are the Eric (father named Ted) that I knew, you would know that David passed away a few years ago now, and Mum (Eveline) a few months ago. Do you still live around near Barrack Square? I think it was Spring Steps or something! The Carmens and Whitings lived across from you.
    I’ve lived in Australia since 1982 with Barb and two daughters, and havent been back to Winchelsea since then.
    David worked at Wickham Farm when it was run by Freemans. The name Packham certainly rings a bell, but I’m still trying to remember them. They would have lived around the corner from us in School Hill and Barlings the grocers.
    Well I’ll go for now. I look forward to hearing from you.
    If you want to chat more let me know and I will send my email address.
    All the best,
    Chris Ball

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    Hi Chris,
    Greetings from Sussex Mate. What a surprise to hear from you, of courses I remember you. Please feel free to get in touch at this mail address. [reveal email] All the best for now Eric Streeton.

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    Hi Eric,
    I have sent you an email and a couple of pics from Australia. Hope you receive it ok.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Chris B

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    John Packham

    In April this year you posted a message regarding Archie Packham of Winchelsea. Do you generally have an interest in the name of Packham? If so, there is a book Written by Derek Sheffield and Published in 1995 by Meresborough Books, titled This Forgotten Place. The story is about a family named Packham and their life, living in the Hamlet of Maypole, in the parish of Chelsfield Kent. The Grandfather I believe originally came from Eynsford.
    All the Best Eric

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