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Victoria Inn and Appledore’s Pubs

I am currently researching a book on the pubs of Romney Marsh and surrounding villages and would appreciate any information about the former Victoria Inn. Appledore has a rich pub heritage including the Queen’s Arms, the Bell, Railway Hotel, Swan and Red / Black Lion. But I am struggling to find out much about the Victoria. I know that it opened some time between 1847 – 1897 and that it was still listed in a directory of 1982. I was originally assured that it was located on the junction with Kenardington Road and that it is still in use as a private dwelling. But others have told me that it was demolished to make way for new housing. I’d be very grateful if anyone could put me right on this.

Many thanks in anticipation,

Keith Swallow

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    Hi Keith,

    Are you still interested in pics of Victoria Inn? i have a postcard from 1911 showing it. My grandfather was born in Victoria Terrace in 1900 which is very close to where it was. Lots of my ancesters were born in Appledore and I have a collection of over 200 cards. Regards, Karl Neve

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    Hi Karl,

    Many thanks for this – much appreciated. Since I posted, the book I was researching (Much Drinking in the Marsh) has been published. However, it has nearly sold out and I am discussing with the publisher whether to go down the route of a second print run, or an updated version (as so many more pubs have closed in the last 2 years). If we do the latter, it would be very helpful to have a photo of the Victoria. If so, we would of course credit your assistance, and also give you a complimentary copy. Would you be able / happy to provide me with an electronic copy?

    Thanks again and best wishes,

    Keith S

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    Hi Keith,

    Yes no problem, just let me know. i’m not too hot on i.t sort of stuff, but can add it to an email if thats all it takes. ive also got a pic of the rear of the red lion pre 1930’s that i brought on ebay, if thats any good you can use that too. good luck!


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    I am very interested in any photos or information you have of the Appledore pubs. I am researching all the pubs in Kent. All details can be found from my web site at www.Dover-Kent.Com Direct link to the Appledore pubs is here:- I can be contacted directly from the email address at the bottom of each page.
    Thanks, Paul Skelton.

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    Hi. I was brought up in Appledore and my dad’s family have always been there. The Victoria was our local pub as we lived in Heathside. It wasn’t on the junction to Kennardington Road it was almost on the corner of Heathside where there is now a row of houses. We moved in about 1984 and it was still there then I believe.

    It was very much a pub for the Appledore Heath people. It has a family connection for me as my Nan moved to Appledore in the war as a land army girl and went to the Vic one night where she met a local farmer and fell in love. That was my grandad, Dennis Boorman.

    I have find memories if mum and dad popping into the Vic and being left outside with a glass bottle of coke and a package of sausage and tomatoes crisps !

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    Oh and just to say it was demolished completely.

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    Hi Rebecca. I didn’t live in the village myself. My Grandfather was born there in 1900 in Victoria terrace. I’m guessing it’s very close to where the pub stood. I have a postcard of the Victoria Arms dated 1911. You are more than welcome to have a copy if you wish. While researching my family history I’ve noticed the surname Boorman many times. Regards Karl Neve

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