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Prior Family of Lydd

I’m the daughter of Robert Sydney Piper, whose mother was Florence Prior. Her address is gven as Caldicott Farm, Lydd on this birth certificate. I would like to get in touch with members of the Prior family to learn more about this side of the family. My father was adopted by Stephen Piper when he married Florence in 1920, but he was another man’s son, born in June 1917. If anyone has any information, however vague, that would help me find out who my real grandfather was I would be very grateful. Thank you, Sue Dean (nee Piper)

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    I am part of the Prior family of Lydd. I cannot help you with your question ad my family moved to South Africa when I was a baby. My family owned a farm called The Priorie or Priory not surw how it was spelt. My great grandfather was once the mayor of Lydd and he owned several farms in the area.. I do seem to remember my patents talking about Caldicott but cannot remember the context. I guess we must be related somehow. My father was Norman. I live in Australia now.

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    I have consulted my brother who is 20 years older than me. Caldicott belonged to our grandfather John Prior and his father, my great grandfather before him. My father Norman Prior owned Angel Farm at one time.

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    I have just seen your message only 6 years old!

    I lived at Caldicott Farm Lydd and I do believe somewhere I have a photo of you. You came with your parents, I believe, and maybe with another brother or sister to see us. I believe you had or have an Auntie Clive. Love to hear from you.

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    Hi Linda,

    Just seen your messages. I am your cousin and would like to make contact.
    Maybe you know already but you also have other relatives in Australia.

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    Hi Brenda
    Yes I do believe we are related. You can contact me at [reveal email] . My sister Heather is currently in th U.K and saw this message.So if you happen to see this soon the two of you coukd meet up. Ancestry tells me that I have quite a few cousins in New South Wales, Australia. Also that I share DNA with Sue Dean, who started this thread.

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