Stone-in-Oxney in Kent Village Guide

Fri 21st June 2024 Events

Fri 21st june 2024 events in Stone-in-Oxney, Kent

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Below are events happening in Stone-in-Oxney and the surrounding area on Friday 21st June 2024.

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Past Events

Event Type Date Venue
Bingo Night Evening Event from 6:00pm Kings Head Inn, Rye
Friday Night is Wurlitzer Night! Live Music Event from 7:15pm Rye Theatre, Rye
The ‘King Blues Band Live Music Event from 8:00pm The Crown Inn, Rye

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Coldharbour Cottage

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I am interested in hearing from anyone with information concerning Blackmores from stone or Tenterden areas.

Frampton Cottage?

I visited Stone several years ago and noticed a Frampton Cottage or Frampton House. Does anyone know the history of … more

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