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3rd Centenary Match of the 21st Century

Is there anyone who can arrange the 3rd match due either 2034 or 2036. A long while. but I will not be here then to remind you. All you need is 2 Ex England players currently still playing or just retired and eleven of the best in Isle of Oxney. New Wittersham cricket ground. You will need enough side shows and Entertainment to beat the 3000 crowd in 1936 match. You cannot compete with the Luncheon i.e Baron of English Beef,Prime York Ham, Saddle of Mutton, Roast Stuffed Cygnet Salads, Naional Pudding with Brandy Sauce, Fruit Salad, Old English Chedder and Kentish Ale and someone to toast the King or Queen as Colonel John Body did?

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My name is Kevin Standen and my family left Wittersham for America in 1850. Just wanted to say hello from … more

Wittersham / Tenterden War Horse

I would have like to put a letter from Camouflage your own war horse. Doctor Thomas Body rode him in … more

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