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The Match of the Century

Ashdown of Kent CC and Wensley of Sussex CC and Auckland (9 wickets for 36 runs against Otago in 1920’s) played the full Isle of Oxney eleven on the Wittersham Farm Cricket ground belonging to my 2nd x 1 cousin Colonel John Body. Just found out as it was reported in The Kent Messenger 11th September 1936, London Papers and a small mention in the Winnipeg Manitoba Free press.There was a large crowd and the Luncheon supplied by Col. Body was very extensive. Ashdown and Wensley won by 33 bowling out The Isle of Oxney for 153 using cunning tactics. There score was 188 runs winning by 33 runs. I have photos and reports.
ivor 9Body)

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    Read both stories of the match above and the first challenge the century before between Richards Mills and Edward G Wenman both of Benenden and played at the College Farm cricket ground Wittersham, as was the 2nd match. The first match the century before was over 2 innings and a £20 bet. The two players won this one by 66 runs. See everything on rootschat and click the link for Tilly Mills account of the match:-
    http://www.rootschat.com/links/0sic/ls account on espn cricinfo
    Both matches and photos:-
    Happy Christmas to everyone, Ivor (Body)

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    Sorry I have only just realised these links do not work. To look at all the professionals and Tilly Mills report go to espncriinfo and enter the players names and for rootschat go to rootschat-forum-England-Kent then look for Wittersham Match of the century.
    Happy New Year, Ivor

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