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Family History

Hi Folkes, I’m tracing the family history and we have the Family name of ‘Slingsby’.
If anyone came help us we would be very grateful.

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    I am tracing my husband’s family who were originally from the following areas:Burwash, Ticehurst, Etchingham, Sandhurst, and Wittersham. The 1901 and 1911 census have George and Jane SWEATMAN living near Forge, Wittersham, Kent and also Tenterden Rd, Wittersham. George Sweatman was a Wheelwright and later on ran an early bicycle shop/repair business. Does anyone know the location of this shop/business? Or indeed have any information about the Sweatman family?
    Many thanks.

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    I grew up in Wittersham in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. I am not in any way related to the Sweatmans but they were still there during those decades. I think you should look up Michael (a michanic who ran one of the local garages, just down the road from the Smithy) who married Pamela, had children Pauline and 2 more whose names I cant remember. There was also another Sweatman (?Rodney) (unmarried male) who was an electrician who lived in Swan Street. Good luck

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    I am Michael Sweatman and still live in Wittersham I am the grandson of George Sweatman my father was Owen Sweatman I am married to Pamela have four children and 13 grandchildren the other Sweatman at swan sreet was Reg Sweatman didn’t marry I am retired and now 76 years old.

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    Hi Michael,

    Many thanks for responding to my request. In fact we did meet about 20 years ago when my husband Brian and I visited you at your garage and met your wife and son. We moved to Burgess Hill in W.Sussex about 1 year ago and I have been endeavouring to trace any Sweatmans who might still be in the area. We visited Wittersham church last summer and found George and Jane’s memorial stone and also the old shop where George had his bike business.

    How do you feel about meeting up sometime in the new year so that we talk about the family history? I have also traced Phil Sweatman who lives in Maidstone, Kent. He is a mine of information about the family and is always interested in meeting family members.

    Happy Christmas and look forward to meeting you again.

    We moved to Burgess Hill because our son and his family have settled here.

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    Hi Ssylvia,

    Yes would be fine by me to meet up My Sons name is Phil Sweatman but he lives in High Halden Near Ashford, Kent.

    Happy Christmas to you.

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    Hi Michael,

    Would you like to make contact by email?
    Ours is [reveal email]

    Hope you have all had a very good Christmas.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi Michael,

    We have had computer problems and I have lost your email address. We now have a new system and all is working well.Do you also have Phil Sweatman’s address who lives in Maidstone? Hope all is well with you.

    Best wishes,


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    My email is [reveal email] I don’t have email for Phil Sweatman of Maidstone. My son lives in High Halden. Let me now if you want his email.

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    I have been tracing my family history, and my direct ancestor, Richard Sims, (5 generations) apparently came from Wittisham in Kent. Is this the same place, but has been Misspelt?

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