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Family Tree

I am just lifting the first stone to my family tree and having a look. Information tells me we originated in your area a while back can any one help?
My family nane is DENGATE.

Thanking anyone for help


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    Hi Stephen,

    If you could give me a little more information I’ll try to help. You say you’re ‘just lifting the first stone’?
    Who did you find underneath?


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    HI Sue,

    Sorry I took so long to reply. The stone was pretty heavy and I didn’t have a crow bar. A family tree is a big ask however a few of my relatives have made an attempt and discovered that I originated in your town many years ago about 1637, my uncle who visted your town said the family lived in the barn down by the river? I don’t know if you are related or just teasing but if you can help it would be appreciated.



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    Hello Stephen

    There is a registered one-name study for the surname Dengate. If you visit the website for The Guild of One-Name Studies and enter Dengate in the ‘Is your surname registered?’ search box on the home page you’ll find more details.

    Best wishes,


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