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James Harris

I am looking for a link between James Harris early 1800s, and Eustace Wigzell.

Can anyone help?

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    Good evening,

    I am a direct descendant of James Harris who lived in Wittersham until his death in 1829/30. I believe he lived in Wittersham Hall. Does this house still exist? And is ther any way I can find out more about him and his family – particularly his parents – from local records?

    Eve Mazery (nee Harris) South Africa

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    I am a descendant of James Harris too. I have done some significant research on the family over the last few years.

    Wittersham Hall still exists and hasn’t been in the family since 1957/59.

    Please get in touch- I would be interested to know how you’re related to James.

    Ken Harris – Wales

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    Hello James – thank you for your message – I am so glad to hear from you. I am the great great grand daughter of James Harris. His son Robert – the Admiral – was my great grandfather.

    Amazing that Wittersham Hall still exists and that it was in the family owned it as recently as 1957! Do you have any pictures of it?

    How are you related to James Harris? We must be cousins of some sort. And I see that you live in Wales – I have been in contact with Rosanne Howe who is also a relative but I am not sure quite how we are related.

    I have very little information about the Harris family except my own branch and would love to know more about everyone else. I will willingly pass on any information that I have that you may not have discovered for yourself.I live in South Africa but do manage to get over to the UK about once a year. My only sister lives in Scotland and I have a son up there too.

    Best wishes,

    Eve Mazery

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    We have a few pictures of Wittersham Hall that we could share with you and more information. I’ll give you my email address and we can send some via that, it’s [reveal email]

    All the best,


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    Hello Ken,

    I have tried to send a message to you via email but it keeps saying that I have got the address wrong! I will keep trying. But in case I don’t succeed my email address is [reveal email] .

    Best wishes,


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