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Stoddard Huts 1937 / Christenings

My grandparents are shown on the 1939 NHS records as living in Stoddard Huts, Battle RDC, I see there is a Stoddard Lane at Beckley can anyone tell me if the the two are connected please? My grandfather is shown on the same records as a Marine Store Dealer.

My father Robert Brazill always said he was christened at Beckley, he was born in 1926, if there is anyone who can check records for me it would be appreciated.
It may be that it was done in a baptist chapel but am unsure.
If anyone can help with any information it would be helpful. Regards Robert

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    Robert, it has only taken 10 years to get a reply. My Great Gran is also shown on the 1939 register as living in Stoddard Huts under the name Sarah Wilson shown as a Hawker. They used the profession of Marine Store Dealer as an alternative to Hawker quite often. My family were gypsies and we have a Brazil branch. I’m pretty sure that the huts would have been on Stoddards Farm and the rgister was taken during the hopping season.

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