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Springfield Cottages, Cackle Street

Springfield (cottages) Cackle Street, Brede

Hi, I am trying to find out when the properties now known as Springfield Cottages were given this name. They are a terrace of old houses possibly dating back to the 1700s. I have printed out all the census entries for Cackle Street but am trying to pin down the Springfield ones. Can anyone help please?

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    Have you tried looking at very old maps? We discovered our place in Brede was called St Nicolas until or any search engine with old maps should show up the names of the cottages. I used a pre-WWII map but went back to 1850 as our house was built 1951 and I needed to know the history of the plot.

    Jane S.

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    Hi Jane, thanks for the suggestion, but I have already tried maps and none of them actually name this group of cottages. Good idea though.


    Carol B

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    Hello Carol
    I am racking my brain to remember who I spoke with but I contacted Rother Council archive people and someone there told me they have maps going back to 1600 +. I shall trawl through my emails tomorrow if I can and send you the link. I suspect these same people are bored witless so seem to jump at the chance of delving into their archives.



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    Hi Jane, just got your message of 12 July. Thank you very much for your trouble.

    Hope to hear from you again.


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    Another idea perhaps is to log on to For £3 you should be able to see an old title document which should help you. The ‘magic’ website is reached through the High Weald online site and this (magic) has lots of very old information. I saw from some old maps that Springfield Cottages only appeared after WW11 but were clearly there far back in 1800s. That was through


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    Hi Jane,

    thanks for the suggestion, I will have a look and see what is there.


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