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Old Oakdown Farm

We lived at Oakdown Farm around 1970 when my Dad worked in London, we would love to see pictures of what it looks like now. We lived there for about two years.

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    Hi Brenda,

    We now live at the Farm. Some pictures of the estate appear on www.blackdowncottage.co.uk which is now a holiday cottage but which used to be owned and occupied by Tony Maryan who you will have known.

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    My Aunt and Uncle lived there. My Uncle sadly died in 1973 but my Aunt continued to live there for many years. I have very fond memories of spending a lot of Happy times there.

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    My dad lived there in the 70’s with his family and I was wondering if you still lived there and how the property is now?

    Kind regards,


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    I think we might be related, my dad and his family lived here! Pauline and John Sullivan. My dads Jon Sullivan.

    Kind regards ,

    Nikita Sullivan

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    Hi Brenda, my family and I lived down the road when you were at Oakdown, I used to come round and play with Tina and your younger brother not sure but I think his name was Trevor. Tina told me about her Appaloosa horse she had at home in the USA. I was around 11 years old at the time. I had a younger sister called Lizzy.I remember those times with fond memories. I hope you receive this message and can tell Tina I never forgot her. Lots of love from England, Angie, my surname was Massey back then. xxx

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    Nikita Sullivan. We can’t be related. My Aunt & Uncle were John and Pauline Sullivan. But you spelt my Uncles name wrong. They had 5 children, (my cousins), but none of them were called Nikita or anything sounding like that!!

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    My Granny was Pauline Sullivan, later Mitchell, my grandad died quite a while before I was born. My dads Jonathan Sullivan. Possibly your cousin? My granny had 5 children wont put full names for privacy reasons but 3 boys (M,D,J) and 2 girls (R&C)

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    Omg, yes they are my cousins. My Mum and Pauline were sisters. How lovely to talk to you xx

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    Hi Janey,

    What a small world!! I have tried a few times to find the farm in Burwash but no luck!

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    Nikita, I remember clearly the farm being by a pub called the kicking donkey. I remember your Auntie R’s horse got free and we found it at the pub!! I would love to see Oakdown again too x again

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