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Wooden Row Boat

Good afternoon, my name is Olavo Abrantes, I’m the Production Designer on a WW2 short film, scheduled to shoot in Camber Sands beach on the weekend of the 1st of October and we’re looking to rent a Wooden Rowing Boat for our film. I was wondering if you had one or if you knew of a local company or person that would be able to help us?

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    I am very interested in your film from the point of view of covering it for a local magazine. Could you please contact me on [reveal email]

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    We have an 8’ traditional style pram dinghy with oars on a trailer. Happy to loan it for a while. A photograph can be sent if interested. Jackie at Winchelsea Beach

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    Hi Jackie, that would be fantastic!! Would you be able to send a photograph to my email please? It’s [reveal email] Many thanks!

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    Hi Jackie. Do you still own the dinghy? I’d like to get in touch to obtain a photo, with the view to hiring it for a music video production on Sunday.

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