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Royal William Inn

Daisy Butchers, daughter in law of Edmund Duff Butcher produced a booklet ‘Camber Jottings’ and gives the following history of the Inn.
‘The Inn and land land belonged to a Mr William Longley and the first Licensee was Mr William Morris who had been a ship’s carpenter of the ‘Royal William’. The first license was issued about 1807 and that is how the ‘Royal William’ got its name. Mr Morris was the step father of my husband’s grandfather (Alexander Duff Butchers) who carried on the Inn after Mr Morris died. Alexander Duff Butchers was always called The General by locals and seamen. The rest of the article is possibly available in the Archives or Library at Rye. Alexander Duff Butchers was my 3 x great grandfather.

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    Hi Pat, I am guessing that you are the Pat button that i have had previous contact with that lives in South Australia? I have sent an email to you but it has been returned undelivered so I guess you have changed your email address since our last contact back in May 2007. It is regarding our family “Butchers”. Please let me know how to contact you.

    Pamela King, Leicester, UK.

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    Thank you will send an email.


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