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Yew Tree Cottage

I am researching my ancestors. They lived in Catsfield in the Yew Tree Cottage. Does anyone have any current pictures of the Yew Tree cottage? Also, any information on the Blackman’s. My great-greatgrandmother (Ann Blackman) left the UK after marring Edward Gorham and they came to the US. Ann was apparently born in Catsfield. As were her two children, Eldred and Mary Gorham. Anyway, I was just very interested in the Yew Tree Cottage.

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    I couldn’t tell if you’d received any replies, but yew Tree Cottage was featured in the October 2008 edition of The English Home Magazine, in the “Homes with Character” section. It was for sale at the time. There was a photo in the magazine, so if you are still looking for one let me know, and I can scan it for you.

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