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Converted Church into a House / Family Home?


Does anyone know the history of a huge house in Staplecross Road, Northiam? Was it a church at one time?

It has arched windows similar to that commonly found in a church. Living room seems to have a ‘stage’ as what might have been an altar? History of this road? Did it used to have a church or abbey?

I’d love to hear from you!

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    We bought the grinding mIll next to that house. The house you are talking about was owned by the Blacks, our grinding Mill was called Little Alureds then unfortunately changed by the people who bought it off of us to The Quandrangle, and like the house you are asking about which is called the New House both were converted by a Church Architect as was the House Called Alureds with the barns and Oasts. Our grinding Mill was used to billet the troups in the war and we found a lot of old shells. The Blacks in the house you are asking about had an old Sherman Tank in their garden… a lot of history. The original owner of that house built a new modern one adjacent to it but has possibly now died. We brought Little Alureds off of a Colonal and his wife before she died rode side saddle in black through Northiam. Lots of interesting things, I still have a copy of the original deeds.

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    We live in the house ‘Alureds’ and know very little of it’s history, but would be fascinated should you know anything.

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    I am the Chairman of Northiam Conservation Society and some of our members know the history of your house I will contact you soon. Regards Mervyn

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