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The Farthings

I am trying to find out information on the farthings. Can anybody help me!

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    I was once told that the Farthings were at one time owned by Will & Maria Beaney. Or at least they lived there.

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    Northiam Conservation Society have a lot of information on the Farthings and the Beaney family.

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    Hello Mervyn, as a child I lived at Copeland’s Rise with my mother and father Walter & Dorothy Beaney–Wilson, my granddad James Beaney & his wife Sarah lived at Greenleigh, Station Road. I left Northiam as a young child and wish to know more about my family especially as I know my dad’s brothers and their wives also lived in Northiam. I can’t seem to find a contact address for Northiam Conservation Society, do you have one. I am currently based in Los Angeles so cannot visit the village to find them. Kindest regards Steve Wilson

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    Hello Tammy, my 2nd great grandparents Will & Maria Beaney lived at The Farthings in the 1890s. While I have no further information about the Farthings I do have an old photo of Will & Maria, as we are obviously related you are welcome to a copy if you would like one. Kindest regards Steve Wilson (son of Walter Beaney-Wilson)

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    We have just completed an indepth report on the 1911 Census for Northiam and have lots of information on the Beaney family and a painting of part of Northiam called ” Beaney Corner” If you can contact me on [reveal email] I can send you the information.
    Best Wishes
    Mervyn Hayes
    Northiam Conservation Society

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    Hello Steve,

    I was born in Northiam and knew your family in fact I think I may have gone to school with your father. I remember Peter Michael a I think Colin.

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    Hi Steve, I will carry on from my other letter. I was Beryl Monk. I am sure you will remember the Monk family my aunt was married to George Wilson and ran the village store. I went to school with Peter and Michael. I remember all your family. Beryl

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    Hello Beryl, I was very young when my mother and father seperated and left Northiam with my mother before starting school, Peter remembers you well and your brother’s Dennis & Tony. Do you still live in Northiam?

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    Hello Steve,

    No, I moved to Seslescombe after I married. I dont remember. You must have been born after I left school and moved to London for 7 years coming back to Sussex when I got married. Yes, Peter is right about my two brothers. Dennis passed away in May but Tony still lives in the village. Remember me to Peter. I remember your family so well. Beryl

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    Hi Beryl, can you send me your email address, mine is [reveal email]

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    Hello Beryl

    I have been in contact with Steve about his family, I would be very intereted in any information about your family who ran the village store.


    Mervyn Hayes Northiam Conservation Society.

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    Hello Mervyn,
    Yes the Wilson family ran the village store for a number of years it is the store at the bottom of the village my aunt married into the Wilson family. My family were the Monks,my uncle was a builder, that is who Monks way is named after his company built the estate. I have been tracing the Monk family as we were all born in the village and have traced the family back to 1798 all born in the village. Beryl (Hooker)

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    Hello Beryl,
    Please could you contact me on
    [reveal email]


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