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Researching the Paine Family

I am researching my family by the name of Paine. I believe there is a grave in Ebony Churchyard where one of my Great Great Grandmothers is buried – her name was Katherine and she was married to John and they had three sons. I would be very interested to meet anyone who knows about the family and can help me in my research. John returned to England from USA where he had been born and died around 1728. The family continued to live in Appledore for several generations and in Kent for the next 4 generations. I will be visiting the area in this coming month and any help would be most welcome. Thank you. Phillippa nee Paine

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    I have just read your message re the Paine family. I am a direct descendent of John. I would be interested to hear more of your link in particular about John, his parents, where they came from etc, also your link, then I will be able to help you.


    John Paine

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    How very interesting to hear from you – we must be related from a long way back. I have nearly completed my book following my side of the Paine family back to 1400. John was born in America – his parents were Puritans and they had been out in Massachusetts for two generations. He decided to return to England with his wife Katherine – you will have seen their grave in the Ebony Churchyard. My grandfather was Thomas who went into the paper manufacturing business. This prospered for some generations (I actually have original documentation and letters regarding this and other items) but eventually they went into the Stock Exchange and this lasted right up to my Fathers day. I would love to hear more from you as I don’t know what John did when he arrived in Kent. We have been to Ebony and Appledore and in fact went into Church House in Appledore where John Mackett Paine lived along with his brother the Peruke maker. I am also trying to find out why there is a Paine Family Trust owned by a Mr. G.T. Paine for Dungeness. We visited a Mrs. Betty Paine who told us that her husband had died but she remembered him paying money to the Trust – do you know anything of this? My email address is [reveal email]
    I do hope we can help each other a bit more and I look forward to hearing from you again.


    Phillippa Warner (Paine)

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    I fear I may be 6 years too late and this post may not be seen but I was thrilled to see these messages! My husband Stephen is a Paine and John is his direct ancestor. However I would love to find out more about his New England relatives, so Phillippa your research is fascinating. However I have researched all the Paines that went to New England which are well documented but I just cannot seem to find John among them so any light you could shed on this would be very gratefully received. Also my husband’s grandfather on his mother’s side is also descended from Puritans who also came back from America so he has New England routes on both sides.

    Anyway, I am sending this with hope into the ether and would love to hear from any Paines …

    With all best wishes,

    Sophie Stewart

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    Hi All

    I’m doing my own research into the Paine family and saw this post.

    I’m also related to John and Katherine Paine – my line is descended from their son William Paine. My father (Robert Paine) grew up in Broadstairs, Kent and his father was Herbert Paine who was born in Ebony. My farther moved out to New Zealand where I was born. Co-incidentally his aunt and sister also moved out to New Zealand.

    Anyway I thought I would say hi and connect.

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