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Selmes Family History

I am researching SELMES families in East Sussex, particularly from the Mountfield, Netherfield, Battle, and Sedlescombe areas.
If you have Selmes ancestors I may be able to help you, so leave a message.

Best wishes

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    Hi Caroline

    I am descended from Selmes family in the area of your research. Specifically from Samuel Selmes (Whatlingtom, 1717) and his wife Elizabeth Baker through two of their sons Simon (who married Sal Aylward) and Stephen (who married (H)esther Hubbard). Would be interesting to compare notes.


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    Hello Donald

    Stephen Selmes and Hester Hubbard are my 5 x great grandparents. Their daughter Hester/Esther is my 4 x great grandmother. She married James Pankhurst from Battle in 1797.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Donald

    I replied to your message promptly but my reply has not appeared, so here it is again.

    I’m descended from the family of Samuel Selmes and Elizabeth Baker via Stephen and Hester/Esther Hubbard. Their daughtet Hester/Esther is my 4 x great grandmother. She married James Pankhurst of Battle.

    Kind regards

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    Hi, my name is Joe Selmes, I am tracing back the selmes family tree through my father, grandfather etc. Have arrived in mountfield now need help 1770ish

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    Hi Joe

    If you’d like to give the names of your Selmes ancestors I will try to help. I have a lot of Selmes info and happy to help if I can.

    Best wishes

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    Samuel Selmes and Elizabeth Baker were my 5xgreat grandparents.Their son Simon’s daughter Sabina went somehow to Somerset married John Elford their daughter Hestor married William Dunford my 3x grandparents any more info on the Selmes and Battle connection please.

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    Hello Yvonne

    Samuel Selmes and Elizabeth Baker are my 6xgreat grandparents. I descend from their son Stephen and his wife Hester Hubbard via their daughter Hester/Esther Selmes baptised at Whatlington 1780.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Joe
    My great grandmother was Maria Elcey Selmes bap Dec 1850 Mountfield.
    I have Selmes back to Samuel c1696 and Mercy Baker, and Mercy’s back to c1659.
    Caroline Lancaster (also on this site) probably has even more than me. Where do you fit in?
    Phil How

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    Hi, I am trying to track down some information on hte Selmes, in particular, Susannah Selmes who married William Jenner / Genner? Any information would be appreciated. 🙂

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    Which Susanna are we talking about? I have 3, but husbands for none, though I have not actually researched their husbands. What was her approx date of birth? I have been in touch with several other Selmes descendants in Oz.
    Phil How

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    Hello Tracie,

    Susanna Selmes married William Genner at Mountfield on 20 October 1800.
    I have baptisms for 3 children for them using spelling Jenner.
    As for Susanna’s baptism I don’t have it, but will look for you.
    Best wishes,

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    Hello again Tracie,

    I think Susannah Selmes is the daughter of Simon Selmes and his wife Sarah (Sal)Aylward who married at Mountfield on 7 February 1777. They married by licence and Simon was ‘of Sedlescombe’ at the time of marriage.
    They had several children and Susannah appears to be their daughter baptised as Suky Selmes at Sedlescombe on 11 February 1779.

    If you’d like to contact me direct you’ll find me at cdlancaster at yahoo dot com

    Best wishes

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    Where did you get the marriage from? I have been unable to find either Susanna or the marriage. My Selmeses all come from Mountfield and the immediate area over to Seddlescombe and Northiam.

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    Hello Phil,

    I got the details from parish records held at the East Sussex Record Office at Lewes.
    Good to see that you’re still researching.
    Best wishes,

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    Hi Caroline. Long time no speak!
    Happy New Year! I sent a message a short while ago, but don’t know whether it went or not.
    Good to see you’re still on the case, and as usual I bow to your superior knowledge 🙂
    Do you have a copy of Simon and Sal’s marriage?
    phil at

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    Hello Phil

    Happy New Year to you too!
    I’m sorry but I don’t have a copy of the marriage register entry, just the details from a transcript.

    Best wishes

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    Hello everyone.
    I am decended from Charles Samuel Selmes b. Rye 1814 son of Simon Selmes & Ann Matson. He arrived in Australia sometime before 1841. I have followed the family history carefully but not necessarily correctly, to Sedlescombe. I believe Simon was the son of Stephen Selmes & Hester Hubbard & would appreciate it if someone could tell me if I’m on the right path.
    Many thanks.

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    Hello Susan

    Simon Selmes, born in 1790, son of Stephen Selmes and Esther / Hester Hubbard, died in January 1797 age 6 (just a few days before his 7th birthday)and was buried at Bodiam.
    The Simon Selmes who married Ann Matson in 1802 was born c1781, the son of Simon Selmes and Sarah (Sal) Aylward.
    Please feel free to get in touch with me at cdlancaster at yahoo dot com
    I have a lot of Selmes family info.
    Best wishes,

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    Hi Caroline
    Thankyou for your promt & very welcome reply. I’ll definitely contact you via email.

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    I am researching Selmes families from Sussex and all around the world, and have registered my One-Name Study with the Guild of One-Name Studies.
    If you have Selmes ancestry I would be very pleased to hear from you.
    You can contact me via the Guild’s website or by e-mailing me at address below.
    Best wishes
    Caroline Lancaster
    selmes at one-name dot org

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    Hi Caroline,

    I’m descended from a William Selmes / Salmes from brede, Sussex, England. He married possibly an Elizabeth Cornelius from appledore Kent.

    He had two daughters Harriet Selmes 1806 brede & Eliza Selmes ickleham 1803/4 both of Sussex.


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    Hi Don
    Only just noticed that your post says you are descended from Stephen and Simon. That means you are from the same line as me. My gg grandfather was William Selmes, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Selmes. His daughter Maria Elcey Selmes was my Nan’s mother.
    Maria is buried just up the road from where I live now
    Phil How

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    Hello Scott

    William Selmes (1763 -1809), laterly living at Brede, married Elizabeth Cornelius in Appledore in 1786 and they had 10 children altogether.
    I’ve received your e-mail and have replied giving more detail.
    Best wishes

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    Hi there,
    I found your message! I am a descendent of Jesse Selmes and Ann Gurr who arrived in Australa in 1843 per “Rachel” Their son James Selmes and wife MAria Cook, also migrated in 1838 per “LAdy Nugent”. I am trying to conncet many selmes families, Cook FAmilies, and Gurr families that all migrated to Australia in the early 1830-50’s.

    Can you help me trace my Jesse Selmes and Ann Gurr? He died in 1861 Picton NSW. I just found his grave. I found them on the 1841 UK census but would love to know his and her parents too! I haven’t been able to trace death of Ann Selmes and son Fancis Selmes.probably a spelling thing!

    All the best with your research. I have been at it for 10yrs!

    Kerrie Sheather
    NSW Australia

    PS – My husband’s family, SHEATHER, also came in 1838 on the Bounty Scheme!

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    Hello Kerrie

    Thank you for contacting me via this site.
    I have been unable to find a baptism for Jesse Selmes but the only Selmes couple having children at Brede at the time of his birth (c1790) was John Selmes and wife Elizabeth Eldridge who married at Brede on 29 October 1772.
    John and Elizabeth had at least another 11 children besides Jesse, although several did not survive.
    If you’d like to contact me via my Guild of One-Name Studies address I’ll be able to give you further info on the Selmes family. My address is selmes at one-name dot org

    Best wishes

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    Hi Caroline,
    Thank you so much for finding that for me! I do have notes about a John Selmes and Elizabeth Eldridge m.1772 so they must be the ones.

    i will try to find the one nam studies thing. PS I also found an Enoch Gurr married to Sarah Higgins.He was son of John Gurr and Sarah Eldridge. They got converted to Mormans and made their way from Australa to Utah. Thanks and all the best.

    Kerrie from NSW

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    Just found this 10 year old post, and hope you’re still around.

    My Nan’s mother was Maria Elcey Selmes b1850 at Mountfield. I have a lot of history of her family and Selmes in general.
    Where do you fit in?


    Phil How

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    Hi Phil,

    I would love any info you have on the Selmes family.

    My great grandmother was Frances Selmes b 1894 d 1977. Her daughter, my nan was Monica Selmes b 1913 d 1891.



    What I know so far is that we don’t know who my great grandfather was. Any info gratefully received.

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    Hi Heidi,

    I only just saw this message.
    Frances’ parents were William Henry Selmes and Louisa Messetter. WH’s parents were Henry Selmes and Lucy Rolfe. Henry’s parents were Samuel Selmes and Elizabeth Selmes (they were first cousins). They were my 3g grandparents.

    One of Henry’s brothers was William, my great grandmother’s father.
    I have not found Frances’ husband yet.



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